Leading & Innovative Manufacturer of Automation System & Smart Energy Solutions Provider.

AuxalNet, the parent company of Niyantras was Founded in 2003.

Based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Approximately 25 Engineers

Niyantras provides turnkey Smart & Efficient Automation and Renewable Energy Solutions for :

  • Home
  • Industry/Factory
  • Office
  • Restraunt & Hotel
  • Agricultural

Experts in Automation, Solar, Storage and Smart Home Solution.

Goal: Make every building on earth a automated, smart, selfsufficient and sustainable.

Vision: To make technology effordable and easily available to people.

Meet Our Team

Ninad Shah

Ninad Shah

  • 20+ years automation, energy, networking & software designing and technology expert.
  • Proven leader, seasoned executive & visionary.
  • Expert in designing and deploying massively scalable, robust and high performance embedded system, cloud & mobile solutions.
  • Solid leader and team manager.
  • Passionate about automation and smart energy technology.
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Hetal Shah

Hetal Shah

  • 20+ years business executive & serial entrepreneur.
  • Financing and operational efficiency expert.
  • Passionate about automation, smart energy & customer service.
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