Whether you’re a businessman, student, grandparent or housewife, HomiFi is there for you when you need it. We want to get technology out of the way so you can focus on what matters most to you, and HomiFi takes care of the rest.

An Intelligent application which takes care of everything which is designed for Android & iOS Platforms.

  • At home or away - press one button to activate motion sensors and security cameras, turn on exterior night lights, close every blind, and automatically lock all the doors.
  • When you pull into your driveway, your home automation system can automatically illuminate the path to your front door, turn on key interior lights, and deactivate your security system.
  • Receive smart home system notifications when the kids arrive home from school; if anyone enters or exits the home; if an equipment is turned on/off; or if a door has been left open.
  • Parental Control
        Set preferences to limit your children’s access to whole-house audio, video and security systems.
  • Activate home automation security from anywhere in the world to get a complete visual check of your home, inside and out, by viewing security cameras from your iPad®, iPhone® or Android Mobile or Tab.
  • Intrusion Detection
        Detects vibration and/or motion and activated alarm and sends notification based on timing of the day set to activate security.
  • The mains AC supply and touch panel are isolated through Niyantra's state of art IC, so no direct contact to 230V AC supply, hence no more danger of electric shock while operating.

  • Set your intelligent lighting to automatically turn on and off with the rising and setting sun by timing them to an astronomical clock.
  • Pre-set blinds to close, shutting out powerful sunlight and keeping the interior of your home cool while conserving energy.
  • Reduce the demands on heating and cooling systems with climate control that regulates thermostat levels based on outside temperature.
  • With a single touch you can turn off all equipments of a room, floor or entire house, making certain that no lights have been left on unnecessarily.
  • Niyantras systems can automatically set lights to any percentage, saving you money every time a light is turned on.
  • Your Niyantras system can automatically turn off all of the lights in the house when you leave in order to lower your electric bill.
  • The Home Lighting Control Alliance says that dimming your lights by 25% saves 20% of the energy used and extends bulb life by 10 times.
  • Dimming your lights by 50% saves 40% in energy and extends bulb life by 20 times.
  • The percentage of electrical power used for lighting worldwide is 19 percent, according to the International Energy Agency.
  • Heating and cooling your home can consume as much as 56 percent of your monthly energy bill. With an automated thermostat, you can save 15 percent.

  • Fully Integrated Home Theaters and Media Rooms.
  • With a fully integrated home theater control system from Niyantras, convert the family media room or professionally designed home theater into the ultimate viewing experience.
  • Access and stream content from your local storage of mobile/iPad or online sources such as YouTube™, Netflix etc.
  • Control all entertainment equipments from your mobile/tab.
  • Even your Guests during party can play their songs/videos to music/video system.
  • Whether you are having a house party or quietly relaxing by the pool, create the ambiance you desire by playing independent audio streams from multiple formats and sources to set the mood or enhance your surroundings with the sounds you love.
  • Simplify "Movie Night"
    1. Home theater control made easy — with a push of a button from a docked iPad®, your home theater can be automated to cue up your favorite movie, dim lights, close shades, set a predetermined temperature…even start popping the popcorn!
    2. Create perfect ambience for movie watching with a Single Touch.
      1. The Projector turns on
      2. The Screen rolls down
      3. Drapes close down
      4. AC turns on
      5. Lights dim down gradually

  • Set a comfortable temperature setting in a specific room or the entire house using smart control systems.
  • Close the blinds in your living room while opening the shades in the kitchen.
  • Pre-set blinds to close during the midday sun to keep the interior cool, conserve energy, and protect expensive furnishing.
  • Remotely monitor and adjust climate status throughout the house while away from home using an iPhone® or Android Phone for easy smart home automation.