Multi-Tenant Cloud Applications
Niyantras Solution for the Multi-Tenant Cloud Application scales and performs very high. It gives a very rich user experience to both consumers and admins maintaining the system.
Data Analytics
Our solution for the operational data integration and analytics solutions to help online businesses answer key business questions by analyzing their online and production data. With Data Synchronization (ELT), industry-specific pre-built Models, and Analytics combined with Machine Learning, our expertise and solution gives very precise actionable insight to take an extremely informed business decision.
AI and Machine Learning
Our strong ML algorithms and framework can help you to develop great AI driven Web and Mobile Apps.
DevOps and Cloud Consulting
Niyantras offer specialized services for Cloud Consulting. We help enterprises of all sizes. We offer design, build, migrate and manage your workloads on AWS to accelerate their Cloud journey. We also offer DevOps services to organizations to automate their build and deployment processes.
Global Quality Assurance & Benchmarking
Our On-Demand reliable & cost effective QA testing services for test design, test execution and performance benchmarking will allow you to schedule our resources whenever you need to.
A Product Company
Niyantras is the most premium automation solution provider today in India. We manufacture, design and install Home Automation Systems.
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19 Years Young

We are a well established and stable company with the temperament and attitude of a startup. We have developed our expertise through our past experience.

Well Experienced Team

We have a great team with expertise in various technologies and domains. We have combined experience of more than 300 man-years!

Diversified Expertise

Our team is having skills starting from Embedded Hardware and Software to Cloud and Mobile technologies. Every one of our team must have a hands on.

Stand for Core Values

We always stand for our core values. We value our company culture, our core values and our integrity more than anything else.

welcome to niyantras

We Do, We Enjoy


Our vision is deeply rooted in the Core Philosophy of our company. Everyone at Niyantras understands the core values of the company. Niyantras is everyone’s company. Every member takes ownership and works towards a common goal. I contribute, I develop and I build Niyantras. This is the attitude of each of us. IT’S WE TOGETHER, WHO BUILD NIYANTRAS. 


We do not hide anything. Whether things are good or bad, we openly and honestly convey information to investors, customers, partners, and employees.

Ethical Work Practice

Everyone at Niyantras shows their integrity, being honest with team members and clients and do not pass any misleading information.


We always look at a problem as an opportunity for the solution and explore for the various solutions, ideate and implement a simple viable solution.


Appreciation and recognition fuels the growth of any organization. We always make sure that the people’s efforts are recognized and appreciated on every single day.

Lifelong Relations

Niyantras is an extended family for each of us. We build the relations that create a healthy environment of trust and support. Even our aluminis are having a very warm and healthy relations with the company for the lifetime.

Lifelong Learning

We have created the culture at Niyantras that always strive to excel their existing skills and processes. We provide an ecosystem for everyone to grow and make sure that they keep learning new things for the lifetime.

Positive Attitude

Every individual has some good qualities. We always encourage everyone to find good things in others and create a very healthy positive workplace culture.

What we offer