Multi-Tenant Applications

Niyantra’s Solution for the Multi-Tenant Application scales and performs very high. It gives a very rich user experience to both consumers and admins maintaining the system.

Data Analytics

Our solution for the operational data integration and analytics solutions to help online businesses answer key business questions by analyzing their online and production data. With Data Synchronization (ELT), industry-specific pre-built Models, and Analytics combined with Machine Learning, our expertise and solution gives very precise actionable insight to take an extremely informed business decision.

AI and Machine Learning

Our strong ML algorithms and framework can help you to develop great AI driven Web and Mobile Apps. 

DevOps and Cloud Consulting

Niyantras offer specialized services for Cloud Consulting. We help enterprises of all sizes. We offer design, build, migrate and manage your workloads on AWS to accelerate their Cloud journey. We also offer DevOps services to organizations to automate their build and deployment processes.

Global Quality Assurance & Benchmarking

Our strong ML algorithms and framework can help you to develop great AI driven Web and Mobile Apps. 

Hotel Automation

Hotel automation is a way for manual and time consuming tasks to be done with little to no human intervention. Niyantras Hotel Automation can benefit both hoteliers and their guests in similar ways – often by saving time, saving money and removing stress

Home Theater

Imagine one Niyantras Home Automation control everything for your home entertainment—even your lights! Whether you have the latest audio/video technology or just an HDTV mounted in your living room, Niyantras home automation solutions will simplify and enhance your home entertainment experience

Office Automation

Office automation solution offer Video Door phone, Surveillance Cameras, Door Sensors, Motion Sensors and Detection, Door Status with Voice Alert, Special Sensors for Windows, Glass Break, Intrusion Detection, Centralized Security System, Smart Camera & Surveillance, Cloud Recording & Management. Camera & Surveillance, cloud recording & Management will helps in recording the various activities that are happening in and outside of our home or office.