Importance of Docker

Docker is the new way of server deployment. It is not only a next generation server environment but a new way of local development. Sushil Mansukhani has effectively showed the importance of Docker in daily development and server deployment. He listened out few handy commands to play with, so everyone can have their own Docker running…

Commit Message Standards 

Commit messages are like breadcrumbs that lead you back through the history of your code. Write them with care and precision so that you and others can easily understand the changes that were made and why they were made. A clear and informative commit message can save time and prevent headaches down the road. Weekly…

Branching Strategies in VCS

Proper branching scheme is the first step towards code quality. Today, we adopted Ci/CD friendly branching scheme. Nisarg Raval has effectively explained the benefits of the branching scheme and team has adopted it to make uniform branching scheme across all the products and projects to make processes more uniform and effective. Weekly Talk

Stadia Wireless

Back #niyantrians are always eager to learn new technologies and new perspectives of software development. Today, we learnt a very fresh new perspective in the gaming domain. It was an out-of-the-box thought to convert the Google Wired Stadia controller into a wireless controller only through software.


Back Efficient, reliable and stable communication is the need of this new era of technologies. Today, we had a  very detailed session on the effective communication. The session was found very useful and has a food for though for many projects across all the domains. May be some of the project may come up with…

Automation Testing

Back QA Automation is one of the very important elements in making any Software robust, bug free and more reliable. It saves time and gives error free regression testing and helps the QA team to release the new version quickly. These all aspects were highlighted during this Tech Talk. This talk was very important for…

Jmeter Testing Tool

Back Performance testing is an extremely important aspect of the software and application development life cycle,The advance of testing technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it. Arvish Dhulesiya has demonstrate his excellent work in extremely popular open-source Java-based performance testing tool – Jmeter